About the Art of Aaron Wilder

Conditionalism: Art as Dialogue

Aaron Wilder Photo

I am an interdisciplinary artist who mixes painting, collage, photography, graphic design, video, sound, writing, and installation to blur boundaries between the analog and the digital, the public and the private, and the unassuming and the instigative. My work explores the introspective and social processes of contemporary culture in the way an anthropologist would analyze fragments of an ancient civilization. My concept-driven projects all incorporate my core belief that art can and should be used as a tool for generating critical thinking, dialogue, knowledge sharing, and understanding between individuals with divergent world perspectives.

Some of the more dominant themes in my artwork include international politics, political and social commentary, popular culture, contradictions, introspection, the state of humanity, gay rights, gender equality, and questioning the process of our own socialization.

I define my beliefs about the meaning of art through the term Conditionalism. The conditional tense (or mood) in languages is used to refer to a hypothetical state of affairs or to discuss what would happen under certain circumstances. Thus, a Conditionalist is one who is concerned with understanding a range of perspectives through dialogue with others who may perceive events and the world around them in different ways. Before it was appreciated for its aesthetic qualities, art (in its diverse array of expressions) was used as a way to facilitate the communication of ideas. Therefore, as a Conditionalist, I seek to employ my work in creating a forum to celebrate art as dialogue where individuals can share their perspectives on issues in the community and across the world.

Originally from Arizona, I have also lived in Washington, DC and France and currently reside in San Francisco. I have been creating art since 2002 and have shown at exhibitions in Alexandria, Virginia; Chicago, Illinois; Dallas, Texas; Flagstaff, Arizona; Gilbert, Arizona; Hastings-on-Hudson, New York; Hyattsville, Maryland; Los Angeles, California; Moraga, California; New York, New York (Brooklyn and Manhattan); Peoria, Illinois; Phoenix, Arizona; San Francisco, California; Tucson, Arizona; Wakefield, Rhode Island; and Washington, DC (NE, NW, and SE).